Community and Professional Training

Welcome to The Shelter’s On-line Professional Training Program. We offer continuing education for healthcare, mental health and dentistry professionals, providing up-to-date courses that meet the standards of each discipline’s regulatory training. Our Course Catalog also includes continuing education programs for salon professionals, domestic violence advocates and those in legal services, as well as individuals interested in exploring the dynamics of domestic violence.


For further information, please e-mail our Training Staff.

Community Education & Training Overview

Vital to The Shelter achieving its mission is ensuring that the community is aware of domestic violence’s impact on our community and the life changing attributes of our programs. The Shelter seeks to create this awareness through its Community Education & Training Program. The program consists of in-house training provided to The Shelter’s staff, volunteers, and partners; external training and education geared toward individuals and groups in the community; public awareness events; and online training.

Staff, Partner, and Volunteer In-house Training

Quarterly Core Competency classes and monthly in-service trainings are provided at The Shelter for staff, volunteers, and partners.  These dynamic training classes utilize concepts of best practice and are instructed by Advocates and topic experts from the community. In the past, The Shelter has hosted in-house trainings such as: Diversity and Cultural Competency, Working with Law Enforcement, Teen Dating Violence, Non-violent Communication, Legal Services, Child Protection and much more. 

Community Education

Trainings are provided to the general public, as well as professional groups and individuals on domestic violence in order to achieve the following:

  • Represent The Shelter, its mission and vision in developing and expanding the Shelter’s reach
  • Build bridges necessary to ensure that every home is a safe home
  • Implement a comprehensive education program for those seeking to learn more about domestic violence
  • Create a seamless web of support for victims and survivors of domestic violence

Community education and professional trainings include topics such as: Domestic Violence 101, Shelter Programs and Services, Elder Abuse Response, Healthy Relationships, Screening and Intervention for Healthcare Workers, Violence in the Media, Domestic Violence in the Workplace, and Children and Domestic Violence.  Target audiences include churches, salons, hospitals and healthcare offices, daycares, civic groups, social groups, law enforcement, radio stations, and universities.  Additionally, The Shelter distributes public awareness materials at local health fairs, events for local partners, educational functions, and most major media events.

Online Professional and Staff Training

Online training functions as an invaluable tool for internal organizational training needs. The Shelter’s internal training courses allow for staff time and The Shelter’s resources to be preserved and utilized for greatest impact on reducing instances of domestic violence.  The training program’s communicative power of the internet makes it not only easily accessible for staff but it also more effectively and efficiently reaches a larger audience. Through such a program, The Shelter has the capacity to provide training to anyone in the nation. Making this rich domestic violence online training available to mental health professionals, social workers, dentists, and physicians assists in meeting their continuing education requirements for licensure and in turn nurtures professional relationships that help meet mutually beneficial outcomes in serving the community.