Youth Advisory Council

The Shelter’s Youth Advisory Council is composed of 10-20 youth representatives from across Collier County, ages 12-20. The mission of the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is to inspire social change by providing education, empowerment, advocacy, and support to the community to broaden awareness and increase prevention of unhealthy relationships and break the cycle of violence. The YAC is focused on targeting the youth in Collier County to engage them in a social process that targets towards healthy relationships and a reduction of domestic and sexual violence.

You can apply for the Council at the links below. Email your completed forms to Karen Harmon:

Application Agreement Photo Release WHY WE ARE HERE


The objective of the Youth Advisory Council is to provide a forum or place for youth to communicate about relevant issues they face in today’s world, promote healthy relationships through presentations, literature, and discussion, put together and maintain an online venue to offer education and support to youth, and link them with The Shelter’s services and empower young people to bring about social change.