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To Prevail

        The Shelter’s programs and services empower
        participants to prevail over their circumstances and
        move forward on their journey to peace.

        • Clinical Counseling Program features licensed
           therapists and clinicians who provide free,
           empowerment-based counseling services in
           English and Spanish.
        • Healing Arts provides participants with art
           therapy, including creative writing, drumming
           circles, yoga and other creative outlets.
        • Transitional Housing Program includes seven
           three-bed room/two-bath cottages that house
           qualified families as they work toward
           self-sufficiency under The Shelter’s supportive wing.

        • Gentle’men Against Domestic Violence  is a
           group of like-minded men who support
           The Shelter’s programs and services, including
           Raising Gentle’men, which encourage young men
           to break the cycle of abuse.
        • Community Collaborative Substance Abuse
           Program works with the Florida Coalition Against
           Domestic Violence (FCADV) and David Lawrence
           Center (DLC) to treat survivors coping with issues
           of substance abuse.
        • Stay’N Connected is an eight-week program
           offered in partnership with ProLiteracy to help
           native Spanish-speaking survivors improve their
           English skills to better advocate for themselves.
        • Economic Empowerment provides survivors with
           training to foster long-term economic security.

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