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To Prevent

        Prevention is the core of The Shelter’s mission as
        we seek to break the cycle of abuse and stop the
        violence before it can begin.

        • Professional Training and Continuing Education
           are provided for the medical community, mental
           health providers, dentistry professionals and local
           law enforcement agencies.
        • Domestic Violence in the Workplace educates
           human resource professionals on the effects of
           domestic violence on a business and its employees.
         The Domestic Violence Task Force includes Shelter
         staff, attorneys, medical representatives, law
         enforcement, the State Attorney’s Office, Florida
         Department of Children and Families, schools
         and other nonprofit agencies working together to
         create a coordinated community response toward
         dometic violence.
        • Expect Respect encourages safe and healthy
           relationships for middle and high school students.
        • Hands Are for Helping Not for Hitting empowers
           kindergarten students and teachers to develop
           non-aggressive ways to deal with emotions.
        • Healthy Friendships and Healthy Relationships
           explore the components of violence-free
        • Raising Gentle’men helps young men evolve
           beyond macho stereotypes and view women and
           girls as equal partners in creating a violence-free
        • Youth Advisory Council includes teens from across
           Collier County, working to reduce teen dating

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