Page 6 - 2016 The Shelter Impact Report
P. 6

While talking with her advocate in emergency shelter, Sue,
    a survivor of elder abuse, recalled a happier time in life
    when she would put her dog Pip in the basket of her
    three-wheel bike and enjoy a ride around the neighborhood.
    As her abuse escalated, her abuser took the bike away.

    For Sue, the loss was more than just a bike. It was her
    freedom to socialize, exercise, go to the store, pharmacy
    and pet store without the cost of a cab biting into her
    fixed income.

    At The Shelter, Sue not only found her way to a new life,
    but also received a new bike! On the day it was presented,
    Shelter staff placed Pip in the basket and brought Sue out to
    the parking lot. It was a moment filled with tears of joy from
    Sue and staff. Before the day was over, she and Pip
    were pedaling around like pros.

    Thanks for keeping the wheels rolling for survivors!

  that moment...

    “I once thought the worst kind of abuse was physical and sexual.
    I remember the moment I realized that all forms of abuse hurt.
    Abuse hurts mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, financially,
    spiritually, and leaves survivors depleted of all self-esteem.
    Abuse always hurts.”

                           Lise Descoteaux | Shelter Residential Manager

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