Page 5 - 2016 The Shelter Impact Report
P. 5

After many years of witnessing his father abuse his mother,
18-year-old Phillipe was determined to be a different
kind of man. He came to the Immokalee Outreach Office
after his parents separated.

His mother worked hard to be both loving and firm to
provide a stable environment for her son, but she knew he
needed a strong male role model and someone to talk to.

With his advocate, Phillipe talked about coping with
feelings, accountability, decision making and anger
management. When obstacles crossed his path, he
chose to deal with them in non-violent ways.

An advanced placement student, Phillipe’s big moment
came when he received a football scholarship to attend
Ave Maria University. It was an opportunity that allowed
him to pursue his goals and continue to be there for his
mom and younger brother.

Now that’s a real touchdown made possible by you!

that moment...

“Like a lot of things in life, I was in the right place at the right moment when we
toured The Shelter. We were seeking to get involved with a non-profit organization
in Naples. I was especially impressed with The Shelter’s mission and the opportunity
to be involved with a leadership and governance process which works so well.

                                                                   Sam Smith | Past Board Chair

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