Do program participants work – do kids go to school?

We encourage everyone to have as normal a life as possible while residing in our Beau Venturi Home. The goal is to empower individuals on their path to peace – meaning they work (find work) or go to school.

Whenever safe to do so, children remain at the school where they were going prior to moving into the shelter. School buses pick them up at The Shelter, or their parents take them (if they have transportation). If it’s not safe for children to go to the same school, our close relationship with the Collier County School system allows us to place them in an area school to ensure their safety.

The same is true for adults – they continue working or going to school if it is safe for them to do so. Otherwise, we assist them in finding new local opportunities.

Again, the goal is to help children, women and men develop real-life skills so that they can return to a peaceful life. Staff assists with finding transportation to appointments, job interviews, etc., as needed.

The Shelter also offers on-site child care services for our working parents.