– My cats and I had no place to go and no place to call home after being rescued from a situation where there was no human being I could trust or rely on. My cats were a last resource for me to be connected to love and to have a connection for survival.

The first shelter where I was staying had no kennel so my cats were in the care of an animal shelter that was just for pets.  By the grace of God, my attorney found this shelter and I had a chance to be transferred.

At the first shelter, without my cats, I suffered anxiety attacks almost on a daily basis. When I came to The Shelter for Abused Women & Children, I was able to bring my cats. For me, there are no words to describe or to express my gratitude to be able to be reunited with my animal family. That was when my actual recovery really started.

The remarkable support and affection my cats and I have received from The Shelter is life giving. I do not think I would even be telling this story if I couldn’t be with my cats and if The Shelter’s kennel did not exist today. I will forever remember what this kennel has done for me and my animal family.

Kathryn, Shelter resident