– Janet returned to The Shelter after 12 years, bringing her teenage daughter Kassi and an adorable dachshund named Jaxx. Jaxx had also been mistreated by Janet’s abuser and as a result, was shy and withdrawn.  He would sometimes get extremely reactive when confronted by other Shelter pets or humans. Jaxx was very close to Janet and Kassi; however, the relationship between the mother and daughter was strained.

The Shelter veterinarian immunized Jaxx and answered any and all questions regarding Jaxx’s health. He was given flea medications, and his favorite food and snacks.  Over time, Jaxx was getting friendlier as he came to understand that no one was going to harm him, and he was happy to be with his loving family.

One evening, Jaxx was outside in The Shelter’s play yard, when Janet began to scream, cradling him in her arms as she raced back to the Shelter.  Staff ran out to see how we could help.  It appeared that Jaxx had confronted a Bufo Toad, which excretes a toxic chemical that can kill a small pet if absorbed through the mouth or eyes.

Utilizing the Shelter van, the staff immediately transported Jaxx, Janet and Kassi to the emergency animal clinic.  Jaxx’s eyes were rolling back in his head, and he could barely breathe. The veterinarian said it was staff’s fast response that saved Jaxx’s life. After thoroughly rinsing his mouth and eyes, the vet prescribed eye ointment and Jaxx returned with an e-collar. Because Jaxx was a Shelter pet, the clinic only charged half the bill, which the Shelter paid for the resident.

That would be a happy ending, but the story doesn’t end there. When Janet and Kassi returned, they were extremely relieved and grateful. The two began to communicate and work together far better than before Jaxx’s crisis.  Perhaps this near tragedy brought them closer together and made them see what is really important in life.