– It was a story book romance. Janice’s prince swept her off her feet, showering her with gifts and love letters. Shortly after she moved in, he convinced her to sell her car, saying he would drive her anywhere she wanted to go. That was the beginning of her isolation from friends and family. It was not long before her “prince” began to batter her.

One evening, desperate and ashamed, Janice called The Shelter’s crisis hotline. An advocate helped her develop a plan to leave. She arrived at The Shelter, devastated, stating,
“I cannot believe this has happened to me.”

Through individual and group counseling, Janet began to heal. She was given a journal and wrote in it every day. Two things remained on her mind – why this happened to her and a need for closure. Her advocate suggested she write her abuser a goodbye letter. She would decide whether to send it or throw it away.

One week later, Janice read her letter aloud to her advocate as they sat in The Shelter’s Peace Garden. When she finished, she tore it into small pieces.