Healing Arts

Yoga, breath work, creative writing, art therapy, meditation, drumming circles and other clinically proven methods of healing are an integral part of this exciting program. These tools allow you to heal from the past, live fully in the present and plan for a life free from violence.

Our Gallery features artwork by victims who use this medium to subconsciously solve their life problems at a pre-symbolic level on a canvas, where it is safe to try. Each picture offers alternatives, solutions, possibilities.

Art creates a safe place between the conscious and subconscious mind, between you and your counselor, between you and your work.

Artwork is a way to engage in a liberating dialogue that provokes the integration of ideas. It leads you to a higher level of empowerment and self-knowledge.

For more information or call 239.775.3862.

Our Participants’ Creative Expressions

My name is…it’s not important
What is important is the essence
After all our names just identify us
In a superficial way, our essence
Is our real Self

We demonstrate this in everything we pursue
In the way we talk and in everything we give
To talk about the drawings you are seeing,
I don’t want to!
I would enjoy more listening to the point of view
Of each one of you viewing them

Drawings talk by themselves
About my experience in the creative counseling sessions,
My experience doing yoga at the shelter,
And my private sessions with my counselor—Ivette

I learned not to lock myself inside
To look around and know
That there are other people sharing the same
That I am experiencing in this moment of my life

Sometimes one is too much with oneself
But when we come out of that self-centeredness
We are able to see the infinite possibilities that exist
And the pain of others