Volunteers help celebrate moms at The Shelter

Our residents enjoyed a wonderful mother’s day dinner, May 10, and it went very well. Carol Beauregard and her team of volunteers transformed the community education room into a Butterfly Bistro. Thanks to Liz, all of the attendees looked beautiful in their pretty outfits from their trip to The Shelter Option Shoppe. Maria C. helped the new residents find an outfit here in the emergency shelter with the donations from various stores on Marco Island.

Our residents were very grateful to spend one hour for themselves. Some of them shed some tears of happiness, stating that it was the first time they were celebrated. Others said it was the first time they felt they mattered and they appreciated the great length that the volunteers went to organize this special meal for them.

While the dinner was going on, Ana and a team of volunteers were taking care of the small children in child care and Tamara and another team of volunteers played Bingo with the older ones in emergency shelter. These ladies worked very hard, as we have a lot of children right now. All of them had pizza and juice for dinner.

Our residents were all smiles when they came back to the emergency shelter, mentioning that the food was delicious, the room looked very pretty and they really enjoyed their dinner as well as the conversation, the laughter and the nice music. They also received some custom jewelry and flowers.

This is one event a year that our residents really love attending and I want to thank the volunteers and my whole team for doing a wonderful job making this night a memorable one for our residents.

Lise Descoteaux
Residential Manager

Response from Shelter participants!

The room was so beautiful. I felt like I was in a real restaurant with the music and all. The ladies were so nice to us.”

“This was the first time that someone had done something this nice for me.”

“I felt like a Princess! I had my hair done. I had a new dress and went to a great dinner! The room was beautiful and the food was so delicious!”

“My children were enjoying themselves, playing bingo and playing in child care, I felt I could enjoy myself. I really loved it. Everything was magical!”

“I can’t believe that you guys would do something like this. This was so awesome! You are the best!”

“Now I know what it feels to be appreciated. I can feel the difference in my heart. This is a first for me.”

“I will never forget this place. You have made a difference in my life. I will bring everything I’ve learned while I was here. I have a long list. I loved the dinner!”

“You made me feel like I matter. This dinner was so good, the place so beautiful and I looked nice. I was only able to dream about this before.”

“Today was one of the best days in my life. I was able to enjoy myself, my kids were well taken care of and I was in peace. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Response from Shelter children!

“My mother looked soooo good. I really like it when my mother smiles a happy smile.”

“My mom was the most beautiful mother that night.”

“My mother was crying and she said they were happy tears this time. I believe it because she was smiling too.”

“I was very happy to give a gift to my mother. I know it came from you but you won’t tell her, right?”

“My mother really liked her new blouse. Thank you!”

“I like giving presents to my mother. She is so nice. I would like to buy her a house for all of us.”

“My mother was so happy. I have never seen her hair this way. It was different. I like that she had something fun to because I enjoyed playing bingo with my friends and eating pizza.”

“Thank you for making my mother feel good. I really liked it. I wish I can do this every day for her.”

“My mother is always tired but that night she was smiling and we got to stay up late. She really liked her new wallet.”

“I like seeing my mother smile and looking happy. Can we do another dinner soon?”