Gentle’men Against Domestic Violence®

GADV Event Committee, from left, Tom Butz, Colin Estrem, Bill Villafranco, Dave Anderson, Dante DiSabato, Paul Kallenberg and Bill Waltrip

.Gentle’men Against Domestic Violence® (GADV) is a ground-breaking program that supports The Shelter’s eight-week Raising Gentle’men Programencouraging boys and men to be equal partners with women and girls to end domestic violence and promote nonviolence as a desirable masculine trait..

Chair Bill Villafranco

Dear Gentle’men,
Your help is crucial as we seek to end domestic violence through social change.
The Gentle’men Against Domestic Violence® initiative supports one of The Shelter’s most innovative and impactful programs: Raising Gentle’men.
Because of your support, during the 2015-16 school years, the Raising Gentle’men advocates conducted 174 Raising Gentle’men presentations and reached 4,302 young men and boys in Collier County Public Schools and partnering agency programs.

In 2017, we have some very big goals. We are looking to expand our reach into the community to try and take direct, life-saving action to help identify and intervene on behalf of women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. We are going to focus on training programs for medical first responders and victim advocates, and enhancing services in the community for victims once they are rescued.

As you see, our efforts are already changing lives, and saving them, in some extraordinary ways. I am excited for the future of the GADV program as we work towards growing and structuring the group to make an even greater impact in our community. I hope that you will join us in transforming the lives of young men and boys, empowering them to move beyond macho stereotypes and become compassionate, caring and respectful.

Bill Villafranco
GADV Chairman

Click Here for more information on the Raising Gentle’men program

Join GADV – Member Benefits

The support we seek is an annual contribution of $250 which includes:

  • Participation and relaxation at our annual Signature Men’s Event . . .
  • Opportunity to attend the annual GADV meeting to learn about the progress and outcomes of our outreach GADV programs and spread the word to your friends and neighbors.
  • Opportunity to tour The Shelter for Abused Women & Children and learn about its good work!
  • Opportunity to participate in a three-hour domestic violence training session at The Shelter to learn about the challenges we face going forward.
  • A GADV lapel pin to proudly wear in your support of the program.

Call Senior Development Officer Tamika Seaton at 239-7753862 Ext. 217 or email