Gentle’men Against Domestic Violence®

GADV Event Committee, from left, Tom Butz, Colin Estrem, Bill Villafranco, Dave Anderson, Dante DiSabato, Paul Kallenberg and Bill Waltrip

.Gentle’men Against Domestic Violence® (GADV) is a ground-breaking program that supports The Shelter’s eight-week Raising Gentle’men Programencouraging boys and men to be equal partners with women and girls to end domestic violence and promote nonviolence as a desirable masculine trait..

Join GADV – Member Benefits

The support we seek is an annual contribution of $250 which includes:

  • Participation and relaxation at our annual Signature Men’s Event . . .
  • Opportunity to attend the annual GADV meeting to learn about the progress and outcomes of our outreach GADV programs and spread the word to your friends and neighbors.
  • Opportunity to tour The Shelter for Abused Women & Children and learn about its good work!
  • Opportunity to participate in a three-hour domestic violence training session at The Shelter to learn about the challenges we face going forward.
  • A GADV lapel pin to proudly wear in your support of the program.

Call Rebecca Thompson at 239-7753862 or email