Elder Abuse Response Program

There is a significantly large elder population in Collier County. For this reason, since 2006 the Elder Abuse Response program exists to identify victims of abuse in later life. Abuse in later life can include physical abuse, neglect, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse and financial exploitation. Elders are often abused by a spouse, partner, adult child, caregiver, or other family member.  This program focuses on providing seniors with knowledge on elder abuse, emotional support, customized safety planning, direct services, community referrals, transportation, and legal advocacy. It is instrumental in educating the community, raising awareness and decreasing the rates of elder abuse, in turn, increasing the quality of life of many elders.

An Elder Abuse Response Advocate has been specifically trained to work with elders.  She has learned to support abused elders as they deal with shame, hopelessness, physical ailments, and economic stress that often negatively influence their ability to seek services. She also continually develops and maintains relationships with community agencies that are involved with the elder population to bridge service gaps. Abuse in later life is a complex problem that requires community collaboration, community education, and individual services to fully support the victim. CLICK HERE for brochure

In 2013-2014:

  • 80 elders were supported by advocacy and counseling
  • Held 42 support and pet therapy groups
  • Held 18 elder abuse community presentations and educational booths
  • Volunteers have been specifically trained to assist the program in many facets. They facilitate a support group for survivors and help to increase awareness of elder abuse in the community.

Statements from participants in the Elder Abuse Response Program

“Thank you so much, where would my pet and I have been if not for the Elder Abuse Response program and The Shelter.”  

“This program has made a huge difference in making my move easier.  A big weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I now have the peace and quiet I so desperately needed.” 

“Before I lived in total fear for my life, since January both my little pet and I thank you deeply and sincerely.”

Statements from community partners that have taken part in an Elder Abuse Response presentation

“Our residents were very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet you and hear about your greatly needed service. I have been told by many residents that your statistics provided a helpful basis for your excellent program which was enjoyed by all.”  

“We appreciate all you are doing to educate the public and your peers.” 

“Thank you so much for presenting information about The Shelter’s Elder Abuse Response program to our ministry group.  We learned so much.”