Board of Trustees

Shelter Board of Trustees

Front row, from left: Dylan Sanders, Christine Flynn, Bette Aymar, Lacey King, JoAnn Remington and Barbara Jordan. Second row, from left: Carol Dinardo, Nancy White, Boo Mortenson, Donna Waltrip, Gail Webster Patterson, Niki Thompson, Warner Blow, Michael Benson, Erika Aron, Suzie Lount, Annette Pakula and Caroline Ridgway.

Christine Flynn

Colleen M. Murphy
1st Vice Chair

Erika Aron

Warner Blow

Cynthia Bock

Jane Borchers

Ron Ciesla

Carol Dinardo

Maegan Dustin

Judi Embrescia

Kirsten Ferrara

Grace Frey

Dr. Barbara Jordan

Lacey King

Suzie Lount

Joan Martin

Diane McCaw

Annette Pakula

Candace Raveis

JoAnn Remington

Al Rupp

Gwyn Sanford

Donna Waltrip

Gail S. T. Webster

Patricia Wheeler

Nancy White


The role of the Board of Trustees: The Shelter’s Trustees offer expertise and experience from a wide variety of fields and lend prestige to The Shelter and the work it does in the community. Trustees are community leaders who play an important role in fundraising , identifying and working with volunteers for projects needing annual support, special events, and/or major capital or endowment gifts.

For more information on the Board of Trustees
Please contact Susan Utz, at 239-775-3862 ext. 261 or email Susan at