Board of Directors


From left, front: Christy Carpenter, Linda Hinds, Arlene Shapiro. Back: Dennis Ling, Bob Tarter, Rich Montecalvo, David Maksymetz, Bill Waltrip, Lacey King, Tom Weschler, Kamela Patton, Scott Herstin and Carole Roberts.

  • Dennis Ling, Chair
  • Linda Hinds, Past Chair
  • Bill Waltrip, Vice Chair
  • Amy Clayton, Treasure
  • Carole Roberts, Secretary
  • Mayor Bill Barnett
  • Christine Flynn
  • Thomas Leipzig
  • Dave Maksymetz
  • Rich Montecalvo
  • Dr. Kamela Patton
  • Jacquelyn Pierce
  • Sheriff Kevin Rambosk
  • Chief Al Schettino
  • Karen Smith
  • Chief Tom Weschler


The role of the Board: The Shelter’s Board of Directors is made up of community leaders who offer expertise and experience from a wide variety of fields and lend prestige to The Shelter and the work it does in the community.

The responsibilities of the Board: 

  • Determine The Shelter’s mission and purpose
  • Select the executive director
  • Provide proper financial oversight
  • Ensure adequate resources
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintains accountability
  • Ensure effective organizational planning
  • Recruit and orient new board members and assesses the board
  • Enhance The Shelter’s public standing
  • Determine, monitor, and strengthen The Shelter’s programs and services
  • Support the executive director and assesses his or her performance.

For more information on the Board
Please contact Executive Director Linda Oberhaus at 239-775-3862 or email